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Email: Tel: 07775 668 425

Tiling Contractor in Wakefield | How to Make the Right Impact with Tiles

Decorating walls and floors is one of the simplest ways to add a feature or impact to your decorating scheme. The presentation of your home or business plays a key role in the impression you give guests and customers. It also affects the overall feel of a space. Our tiling contractors work with you to ensure you get desired results. Operating as a wall and floor tiler, Andy McGrath Tiling knows exactly how to create the style and atmosphere you’re after. As a skilled domestic and commercial tiler, we provide solutions for every space in Wakefield and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need a kitchen or bathroom tiler, or services for another space, there are a few things to consider when choosing tiles for your home or business. Offering consultations and advice, we make sure you have all the information you need to make the best choice.

Feature Walls

Working as domestic and commercial tilers, we provide feature walls for living and dining spaces as well as foyers and bars. They’re an ideal option if you want to add a decorative flourish or if you want to try a daring colour or style. When planning a feature wall, it’s key to choose which wall you’re going to highlight carefully.

Our tiling contractors help customers in Wakefield choose the most effective and suitable placement for feature tiles. In the kitchen, the splashback is a popular area for creating a feature, while tiling a whole wall completely reinvents your space.

If you want to add a splash of colour or abstract design to your bathroom, our bathroom tilers find the perfect option to complement your suite. With our wall and floor tilers working together, we offer full, cohesive design solutions.

Feature walls also work beautifully in hallways and entryways. As commercial tilers, we even install feature walls for entrances in commercial properties, creating a great first impression for customers and business clients in Wakefield.

To begin exploring the design options for your space, contact us today.

Small Rooms

If you want to go bolder with your tile choices, smaller rooms are the perfect place to do so. Cloakrooms, hallways and home offices are just some spaces where bold tiling can offer an effective and impactful decorating scheme in Wakefield and Leeds. Whether you need a floor, kitchen or bathroom tiler, our tiling contractors make sure you get the most from your space.

Our wall and floor tilers can provide deep colours for a calming environment, dark tiles for a modern and commanding space, or bold and bright tile options. Whatever your taste or needs, we find the perfect solution for your property.

For advice on creating an impact with tiles, call our tiling contractors in Wakefield and West Yorkshire today on 07775 668425.

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