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Tiling Contractor in York | Should I Hire Kitchen Tilers and Bathroom Tilers Separately?

We come across a sizeable number of homeowners in the York area who ask us if kitchen and bathroom tilers are one and the same thing. At Andy McGrath Tiling, they certainly are. We cover North and West Yorkshire as a domestic and commercial tiler, and a wall and floor tiler, and we’d certainly say there are differences between domestic tiling and commercial work. Ceramic and porcelain tiles for kitchens, however, are no different to most bathroom tiles.

A tiling contractor will see the variance in styles, but that will be the only discernible difference. Naturally, some ranges will have matching wall and floor tiles which show the designer had bathrooms in mind, but a wall and floor tiler could still use those tiles in any room of your York home. The same is true of a product designed as a kitchen tile, but which a tiler could use in a bathroom or maybe a hall.

Considerations When Choosing Tiles

Our kitchen tilers are bathroom tilers too, but we would urge you to keep a few things in mind when choosing a tile.

Foot Traffic

Kitchens must absorb far more foot traffic than bathrooms. Bathroom users normally walk on floor barefoot anyway. Our domestic and commercial tilers recommend that you buy tiles for kitchens with a high scratch resistance rating.

Slipping Risks

A reputable floor tiler will know that bathroom surfaces get wet and this can create a slipping hazard. Always look for a tile with a good anti-slip or “R” rating. The higher the rating, the safer the tile.

Room Size  

Bathrooms have minimal floor space compared to the number of kitchens we see with larger surfaces. This means that a tiling contractor would normally opt for smaller tiles for a bathroom, but those tiles would also work in a kitchen.

Professional Advice

If you have a particular type of tile in mind for a York home, you can still use a tile with good resistance to abrasion in your bathroom, or a tile with good resistance to slipping in your kitchen. In our capacity as a domestic and commercial tiler, we’ve seen colours, styles and surfaces that work well in both environments, so the choice is always your own.

You won’t need a separate kitchen tiler and bathroom tiler if you bring your business to Andy McGrath Tiling. We provide all the following services:

  • Bathroom Tiling

  • Kitchen Tiling

  • Wall Tiling

  • Floor Tiling

  • Outdoor Tiling

  • Tiling for all Residential Spaces

  • Tiling for all Commercial Spaces

If you have children running around your property in socks, or if you are a more mature customer, our floor tilers recommend that you always go for an anti-slip product not because it is right for the aesthetics, but because it is right for the intended use. Because we trade as a commercial tiler too, we extend the same advice to business customers.

A tiling contractor will know that while a certain style might look good on paper for, say, a hallway, that tile might not have a rating suitable enough to protect somebody walking on it with smooth-bottomed shoes on a rainy day. A slip-resistant bathroom tile would be the better choice because it will look just as good, wipe clean easily and stop people from slipping. 

Safety around your York home is just as important as style, and we never forget that for a single moment.

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